Each week – well nearly every week – we send an email to all HCA users and those who added themselves to our list. Sometimes we discuss recent technical support questions, and the answers are often of interest to everyone. Other times an interesting HCA application or HCA visual programs is looked at. And sometimes you get treated to thoughts on automation, programming concepts, or the future direction of HCA. It’s never junk or just an advertisement for HCA, and often entertaining. Below are some recent messages that might be of interest.

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21-Apr: Thoughts on color / HCA 18.0.12 release

14-Apr: HCA could be the face of your automation and not just the brain

7-Apr: Out of the box thinking

31-Mar: Hue hacks

24-Mar: Let's finish this thing together

17-Mar: Alexa and Hubitat programming

3-Mar: The home brain

25-Feb: Holiday Lighting - another idea

18-Feb: Ideas, please!

4-Feb: Technical info

14-Jan: The need for changes never ends

7-Jan: Thoughts as we head for the finish line


31-Dec: The King is dead. Long live the King!

24-Dec: Presents! Games!

17-Dec: Thanks for not talking about the fish

10-Dec: Fade Out

3-Dec: Hubitat and HCA Communications

26-Nov: HCA 18.0.10 and the new library

19-Nov: Phillips Hue lights

12-Nov: Interesting support questions

5-Nov: Looking Backward

29-Oct: New library preview

22-Oct: Call in a plumber

15-Oct: Holiday Lighting

8-Oct: Yet more weather

1-Oct: Putting technologies together

24-Sep: HCA 18.0.9

17-Sep: Environmental control? What can you tell me?

10-Sep: Tick-Tock on the HCA Cloud

3-Sep: A tale of two tools

27-Aug: Fun with Tiles

20-Aug: My automation thoughts

6-Aug: HCA 18.0.6

30-July: One year to go!

23-July: Just one program is best

16-July: What's new in the library?

9-July: Single object logs

2-July: External IP address and getting data from a web page

25-June: Programming technique applied to IP Devices

18-June: HCA 18.0.5 / More on Hue lights

11-June: Programmer techniques

4-June: The programmer INS button does what?

27-May: HCA 18

21-May: Thoughts for a happy life (repeat)

14-May: Future plans

30-Apr: Data checking

23-Apr: Expression tool

16-Apr: Weather data?

9-Apr: Handling communication errors

2-Apr: Power Cycle fix very rude but it works

26-Mar: Time to cleanup what doesn't spark joy

19-Mar: Better low battery detection

12-Mar: Health Check package version 1

5-Mar: HCA 17.0.56

26-Feb: Coming attractions

19-Feb: Voice assistant updates - quick reference

5-Feb: Hardware upgrades

29-Jan: HCA 17.0.52

22-Jan: More interfacing devices with Hubitat and HCA

15-Jan: Are we done?

8-Jan: Blink cameras and ZWave keypads

2-Jan: HCA 17.0.50


18-Dec: The road ahead

11-Dec: Predictive Control, next part

4-Dec: Eliminating program errors

27-Nov: Getting organized

20-Nov: Just how important is access to data in your life?

13-Nov: IP Addressed devices and a new library package to help with that

6-Nov: Deeper look into HCA 17.0.48

30-Oct: HCA 17.0.48

23-Oct: Controlling the uncontrollable? Maybe it's possible!

16-Oct: Maybe swap some Insteon for ZWave?

9-Oct: Where do we go from here?

2-Oct: A year of stuff

25-Sept: How software support should work

11-Sept: HCA - Sometimes not in the drivers seat

4-Sept: Ready for Fall? Plus a BIG offer to improve your HCA installation

28-Aug: A BIG Rant about technical documentation and products

21-Aug: ZWave Keypads

14-Aug: Extensions to HCA Web Server

7-Aug: HCA 17.0.47

31-July: HCA as a web server (part 2) and more fun with Kimberly's Android mobile

24-July: HCA as a web server and Kimberly shows off her Android mobile

17-July: Tools you need to be using

10-July: Hubitat one last time!

3-July: New long-term-running features for HCA

26-June: Really, a new HCA version? Why?

19-June: HCA 17.0.46

12-June: A bit of philosophy about software development as a business

5-June: Quick Device Control

29-May: New Mobile Apps

22-May: Power saving ideas

15-May: Battery powered devices, part 2

8-May: Battery powered devices, part 1

1-May: Self help

24-Apr: A look into the future

17-Apr: Hubitat voice control, part 2

10-Apr: Murder mystery

3-Apr: Voice control without the HCA Cloud

27-Mar: Programs that run periodically

20-Mar: Hubitat

13-Mar: Adapting to changes in Gmail

6-Mar: Possibilities for today and tomorrow

20-Feb: Sometimes it really is zebras

6-Feb: Thinking far into the future

30-Jan: Consider the cable tie...

23-Jan: Sensors I know and love plus easy to download documentation

16-Jan: Always buy two!

9-Jan: New hardware. Failing hardware

2-Jan: The Cloud


26-Dec: Where did my program go?

19-Dec: A dozen maxims for a happy life

12-Dec: Get your library card!

5-Dec: New device support

28-Nov: Be a detective

21-Nov: Program Triggers

14-Nov: Support update

7-Nov: Whatever works

31-Oct: A rookie mistake

24-Oct: Not an error but unexpected

17-Oct: HCA, read my email

10-Oct: The case of the hall light being on

3-Oct: Birthday greetings!

26-Sep: A change in the weather is comming

19-Sep: Don't look - just walk

12-Sep: Shades of white

5-Sep: Matching lighting to my eyes

29-Aug: HCA as a web server?

22-Aug: Fun with motion sensors

15-Aug: Calling all Hubitat - HCA Users

8-Aug: Follow-up to last week's important HCA announcement

1-Aug: Important HCA Announcement

25-July: Thoughts on the future of automation

18-July: HCA and me: A journey in the way-back machine

11-July: The web of life and being one very small part

4-July: Sensors I know and love

27-June: Common Support Questions

20-June: Error Handling in programs

13-June: Unsupported Device Types in Hubitat

6-June: Backup tool

30-May: An HCA problem to solve

23-May: Library updates!

9-May: Be kind to your log

2-May: Is your data out-of-date?

18-Apr: Long running programs

11-Apr: Backup plan A, B, C, and even D

4-Apr: Class program or Program as a Device?

28-Mar: Building a Sonos interface

21-Mar: Zone Manager, part2 and The HCA Cloud

14-Mar: Zone Manager, part1

7-Mar: Responding to a device going on and how you know a device is on for real

28-Feb: NEST thermostats, the HCA Cloud, and library programs

21-Feb: Resilience

14-Feb: Program with object parameters

7-Feb: Small tips to improve HCA use

24-Jan: Multiple trigger types on a single program

17-Jan: HCA Cloud changes

10-Jan: Better programming

3-Jan: Smarter Keypads


27-Dec: Google Assistant

20-Dec: Programs as devices

13-Dec: Funny characters

6-Dec: Concepts of Resiliency and Kaizen

29-Nov: Working with icons

22-Nov: Predictive Control, part 2 and Outdoor lighting

15-Nov: Discussing the obvious or not so obvious

8-Nov: Predective control

1-Nov: Auto-Off as a method for programs

25-Oct: Part year lighting control

18-Oct: Control UI Project

11-Oct: Digging into V17

4-Oct: Auto Annotate

20-Sep: Version 17 - GO!

13-Sep: Version 17 - Get Ready

6-Sep: The online library, part 2

30-Aug: The online library, part 1

23-Aug: Mark, Find, and Process

16-Aug: Infrastructure improvements

9-Aug: Bugs I have known and deeply un-loved

2-Aug: One day build: Tracking ON time

26-July: Looking at programs as a picture and new technical notes

19-July: One-day-build: Better messaging

12-July: Thoughts on automation and new sensor technical notes

5-July: All about icon themes

28-June: Upgrade? Finally a light sensor!

21-June: HCA for all users

14-June: Program debugger deep dive, part 5

7-June: Program debugger deep dive, part 4

31-May: Program debugger deep dive, part 3

24-May: Program debugger deep dive, part 2

17-May: Program debugger deep dive, part 1

10-May: Programming Questions

03-May: Miscellaneous tips and tricks

26-Apr: Lots o' support questions

19-Apr: V17 Open Beta

12-Apr: The magic of chemistry

05-Apr: Who has weather info?

29-Mar: Logs and Icons

21-Mar: Expression triggers? Discouraged.

15-Mar: Daily report and good voice assistant names

08-Mar: A compendium of miscellany

23-Feb: Beware the plus sign!

02-Feb: Increasing your installation reliability


19-Jan: Reliability and bug reporting?

12-Jan: HCA has email!?

05-Jan: What are "tags" and why are they important?

09-Dec: Thoughts on X10 and SmartThings.

24-Nov: The X Files: A few very odd problems and solutions.

10-Nov: Cloud supported devices like LIFX and Sonos.

03-Nov: Installing HCA many places? Here is how.

27-Oct: Understanding HTML Folder copy and handling Alerts.

20-Oct: Two tools not to be missed: The Visual Program Debugger and the Network device tool.

13-Oct: Setting the Control UI Home page and using the File format tool.

06-Oct: Why name Schedule entries? How to use VBScript with HCA

08-Sep: Think of HCA as a "hub" and it all makes sense plus the Program References and Referenced-By tabs.

21-Jul: HCA 201: A series on how to build a status display. Learn about programs and tiled displays.