Each week – well nearly every week – we send an email to all HCA users and those who added themselves to our list. Sometimes we discuss recent technical support questions, and the answers are often of interest to everyone. Other times an interesting HCA application or HCA visual programs is looked at. And sometimes you get treated to thoughts on automation, programming concepts, or the future direction of HCA. It’s never junk or just an advertisement for HCA, and often entertaining. Below are some recent messages that might be of interest.

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What are "tags" and why are they important?

Thoughts on X10 and SmartThings.

The X Files: A few very odd problems and solutions.

Cloud supported devices like LIFX and Sonos.

Installing HCA many places? Here is how.

Understanding HTML Folder copy and handling Alerts.

Two tools not to be missed: The Visual Program Debugger and the Network device tool.

Setting the Control UI Home page and using the File format tool.

Why name Schedule entries? How to use VBScript with HCA

Think of HCA as a "hub" and it all makes sense plus the Program References and Referenced-By tabs.

HCA 201: A series on how to build a status display. Learn about programs and tiled displays.