30-Day trial of HCA Plus

To give everyone a chance to experience the power and flexibility of the Home Control Assistant we offer a free 30-day time limited trial of the HCA Plus edition. The trial version creates a file that can be loaded into the purchased version of HCA so all of your work during the trial is ready to go.

The trial of HCA is fully functional with no features removed or limited. This lets you test out all of HCA's features for 30 days. After the 30 day period expires, the software will no longer run.

Get started with the 30-day trial


Purchase HCA or upgrade to a new version

For users new to HCA

Version 15 Plus Edition - $160

Version 15 Standard Edition - $80

Still confused about the differences between the Plus and Standard editions? Here is a helpful chart that spells it all out.

We also partner with the great folks at Smarthome.com. If you prefer, you can purchase either edition of Home Control Assistant through their site.
HCA Standard HCA Plus


For users upgrading to a new major version

Upgrade from Plus to Plus

Version 14 Plus to version 15 Plus - $50
Older version Plus to version 15 Plus - $75


Upgrade from Standard to Plus

Version 15 Standard to version 15 Plus - $75
Version 14 Standard to version 15 Plus - $85
Older version Standard to version 15 Plus - $95


Upgrade from Standard to Standard

Version 14 Standard to version 15 Standard - $35
Older version Standard to version 15 Standard - $55


All "Buy Now" purchases are made using PayPal, so a few helpful tips about purchasing with PayPal that will make things go much smoother...

Once you complete the purchase with PayPal we get notified you have made a purchase. We then send you download instructions for what you purchased and a registration key. Usually the download email arrives on the same day you purchased if made during business hours and the next morning if made at other times. At the slowest, you should receive email from us within 2 business days after you make the purchase with PayPal. If you have not received email from us within that time, please contact Support and be sure to include a phone number as occasionally our emails get killed by junk mail filters. When that happens, we need a different way of contacting you.

If you are purchasing an upgrade please allow extra time for the download email to arrive as processing is not automated - we check the registration database to confirm your previous purchase. If you have not received the download email within 48 hours please contact support.

Before purchasing with PayPal please check that the email address your PayPal account is linked to is correct and is your current email address. This is the way we contact you to complete your purchase and if the email address in your PayPal account isn't correct we will be unable to do that.