The most-recent version of HCA as of 16-June-2024


Build release notes

The previous version of HCA as of 5-March-2023


Build release notes

You'll find your registration code on a sticker attached to the CD packaging your HCA software came on, in the email you received with your download instructions if you purchased the software as a download, or in the Product Registration dialogue accessed from the Help menu of the software. If you still can't find your code, contact support for help.

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If you are using HCA Plus, you can operate HCA in client-server mode. In this mode, a Windows application called the "HCA Server" opens and executes your design. You can then run HCA in what is called "client-mode" where it connects to the server and all its actions are carried out by the server. HCA in this mode has full read-write access to your design. The server can operate with multiple clients connected simultaneously.

In addition to connecting to the server using HCA in "client-mode" you can also connect with one of three different clients: A Windows application called the HCA Client, an Android application for phones and tablets, and an iOS application for the iPad and iPhone. The big difference is these clients only offer read-only access. They request the design from the server, load it, and offer a user interface for control of the design but no modifications are permitted.

The Windows client is downloaded from this page and the mobile clients from their app stores.

After installation of the Windows client application, start it and click on the HCA icon at the left end of the title bar. This opens the control panel. Press the settings button to configure the connection to the server. Once connected, the display is very similar to HCA when showing the Control User Interface. More information on the Windows client is available in the Clients chapter of the User Guide.


Client App version Source Requirements
HCA Windows Client 16.0.18 HCA Windows Client
16-June-2024 (8.29 mb)
HCA 16/17/18 and all versions of Windows post Vista
Android Client 16.0.3 Google App Store (aka Play Store) HCA 16/17 and supported Android versions
Android Client 16.0.2 Amazon App Store HCA 16/17 and supported Android versions
iOS Client 2.1.4 B6 Apple App Store (aka iTunes) HCA 16/17 and supported iOS versions